How to Locate an EIN Number in the State of Florida

Every business in the United States needs to register and obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number is for tax filing and corporate registration. In Florida, if you do not know the EIN of a company and you want to search for it, you can perform this search online. You can search by identifying criteria such as name, owner or officers. If the company for which you are searching has subsidiaries, each subsidiary will have a different EIN.

Go to the Sun Biz page (see Resources).

Choose a way to search for the company based on the information you have on the company, and click on the appropriate link. For example, click "Inquire by Name."


Search the information you have on the company. In the example, search for "Roscoes."


Click the company name. In the example, click "ROSCOE SALES, INC."


Write down the EIN. In the example, the EIN is under "Filing Information."




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