Obtaining Permission for a Registered Trademark

A trademark is a picture, word or phrase tied to a particular product or brand. Nearly all companies and organizations have strict rules regarding the use of trademarks. Companies usually require anyone interested in using the trademark to request written permission from the company. The company will then either approve or deny the use of the trademark. Sending a letter is the traditional way of requesting permission for a trademark, although some companies have integrated an online permission form into their website.

Call the company that holds the trademark. State that you would like to use the trademark and you would like to send a letter requesting permission. Ask for the name and title of the person who can assist you. Some companies have a trademark request form on their website they may direct you to instead of sending a letter.

Draft a letter. Start out by including your name and contact information at the top of letter. Address the necessary person by title and name.

Explain that you would like to use the company’s trademark. Include your reasoning for wanting to do so, such as using it for an educational report or a national case study.

Instruct the person to sign the letter, indicating their permission to use the trademark. Explain that you have included a self-addressed stamped envelope for their convenience.

Write the agreement at the end of the letter. For example, if you were requesting the use of a trademark from John Doe Inc., you could write “John Doe Inc. gives you the authority to use the John Doe Inc. trademark as outlined in this letter.” The person who has the authority can then sign underneath the agreement statement.

Instruct the person to also include his full name and the date underneath his signature.


  • Reproduce the trademark clearly. Most companies stipulate that by granting you permission to use the trademark, you must reproduce it so that it's legible.