BOPP film, or Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, is a plastic material used by companies around the world to package a variety of products. Producers prefer BOPP film’s shrinkage, stiffness, transparency as well as its ability to seal products, providing a barrier between the product and the outside air. Because of its versatility and functionality, BOPP film is used to create stationary, flower sleeves, cable wrap, insulation and packaging for potato chips and other food products. If you know the gauge of a given brand of BOPP film, you can quickly calculate its weight.

Things You Will Need
  • BOPP micron thickness

  • BOPP micron width

  • Calculator

Calculate the weight of a roll of BOPP film in mils, which is also referred to as a BOPP roll’s gauge or micron. Understand that higher mil amounts indicate thicker, and heavier, BOPP films.

Determine the micron width (thickness) given the mil thickness you received from the supplier by multiplying the mil gauge thickness by .254.

Use a calculator to multiply the length of the BOPP roll in feet by the micron thickness you obtained from Step 2 by the roll width in inches: BOPP roll length (in feet) x micron x BOPP width (inches)

Divide the result from Step 3 by 63,500 to get the BOPP roll weight in pounds.