Selling homemade bread can be both a hobby and a way to make extra money. The best place to begin selling baked goods is at a market. This provides a platform for introducing your food to the community, and gives you the opportunity to receive feedback from frequent customers. If your market stall goes well, you can branch out and sell your bread to hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • Bakery license

  • Market pitch

  • Table

  • Grocery bags

  • Card

Step 1.

Research what licenses you need to sell bread. Visit your local courthouse to determine which department deals with bakery licenses. You will need to obtain legal documentation to prove that your kitchen is hygienic, and that your bread is safe to eat. You will also need a business license, because you will be required to pay tax on any earnings.

Step 2.

Find a local farmers' market. Visit the market and make notes about the stalls which are already there. Competition isn't necessarily a bad thing. Find out who runs the market, and inquire about renting a pitch.

Step 3.

Decide what breads you're going to sell. Make a variety of different types; white, whole wheat, crusty, seeded, sweet. Price your breads competitively, but make sure you have a good profit margin. Factor in the cost of ingredients, time, electricity and fuel.

Step 4.

Prepare for your first day of trading. Find a steady table which is big enough to display your products. Buy paper bags to wrap the bead in, or collect old grocery bags. Make signs out of card stock for the different types of bread, and give the name and price. Make the signs colorful so they stand out.

Step 5.

Engage customers who visit your stall. Tell them about the bread, and suggest things it goes well with. Slice a few loaves and give out samples to potential customers.