How to Correct a 1099 Misc

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When you pay for certain services during the year, you may be required to issue a 1099-MISC to the person or business you paid. If you are required to issue a 1099-MISC and later find the information you reported is incorrect, you'll need to fix the items and report your changes to the Internal Revenue Service.

Incorrect Dollar Amounts or Taxpayer Information

To correct dollar amounts, prepare a new 1099-MISC form with the new amounts. Mark the "Corrected" box at the top of the form. You also must prepare a new 1096 form, which summarizes the information from all the 1099 forms you submit. The new 1096 form should combine the amounts from the 1099-MISC you're correcting, plus the amounts from any other 1099-MISC forms that are not being changed. You can also correct taxpayer identification information, such as names, addresses or Social Security numbers. Mail the new forms to the IRS center where you sent the original forms, and mail the person you paid a corrected copy of the 1099-MISC form.

Recipient Changes

Changes to a 1099-MISC can only be made by the person who issued the 1099-MISC, so if you're the recipient of the document, you'll need to contact the payer for corrections. If the payer doesn't make the corrections, file your return with the information you believe to be correct. Gather any documents you have to support your entries, such as proof of your deposits, invoices and expenses related to the 1099-MISC income. The IRS may need this information if questions come up.