How to Write a Letter of Proposal for Services

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Proposal letter writing is a method of preparing a proposal in short-letter format. A proposal for services is a persuasive solicitation of business from potential customers. Significant research should be conducted before any proposal of services is made to a potential customer. If the letter is too generic or if the letter does not address the unmet needs of the customer, the letter can quickly wind up in the recycle bin. Keys to a successful proposal letter include clear concise writing, and succinct explanation of terms, benefits and budget.

Identify the target client and conduct extensive research. Investigate past service-related expenses, including services currently used, prices paid on an annual basis and level of satisfaction with current services. Such investigation can be completed by hiring an independent survey company to ask similar questions during a brief call. Examine how your business can satisfy this service need. Ascertain the benefits of using your company's services over another's or in general.

Encapsulate the scope of your proposal in one to two sentences. The summary should include the name of your organization, what you do, how you are unique, expectations customers can have about your services, anticipated price and results.

Explain why you are approaching the client. Identify what you know about the client, such as, "We understand that you spent $9,000 last year in document management services. This information was gathered from a recent survey we conducted through Independent Survey Company."

Describe the problem for the client. If he is paying too much, explain how and why. If he is not using services, explain why he needs to. Provide statistics or study results to substantiate your claim. Identify how the client will benefit from using your services.

Summarize the capabilities of your business to accomplish the services proposed. Explain any methodology that you use, techniques, products, skill-level of employees and main objective in providing the service. Clearly define how you are significantly different from competitors without saying: "we are better than our competitors."

Discuss pricing by providing the expected cost to the customer. Convey additional services that the customer can add and the cost for those additional services.

Close the letter by thanking the client. List a name and number for the client to respond to your letter or inquire further. Sign the letter with the name and signature of the highest-ranking authority in the company.