How to Create a Photography Logo

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One of the most important aspects of a business marketing package is the logo. A logo is something that should stand out in your customers' minds and be instantly recognizable as connected to your business. A great logo can catch the eye and tell prospective clients about your company. Branding in any business is important, so create a logo for your photography business that is memorable and eye-catching. This will help start you on the road to becoming a recognized brand.

Designing the Logo

Choose the colors that you want to include in your logo. If you already have company branding, use colors that show up in the other elements of your brand to tie them together. Otherwise, choose colors for your logo that you like and that you think go well together.

Decide what elements you need to incorporate into the logo. This might include text, like the name or initials of the company; an image; or possibly a slogan. Know what you want before you start to design anything.

Find or draw the image that you want to be the primary focus of your logo. If you are a photographer, you may use an image that you shot that you want to manipulate in Photoshop; alternately, you may want to draw a logo, find a stock image on the Web that you can purchase the rights to or have a designer create one for you. The image can include letters or be a straight graphic, but it will form the core of your logo. You can choose an image that people might connect to the practice of photography or an image that is memorable and eye-catching for its own sake. Both are valid approaches to logo design.

Use the "Pen" tool in Photoshop to create a graphic based on a photograph. Create a duplicate layer with the opacity set to 0 over top of the image that you chose as your inspiration. Trace a symbol or design that you like, using the photo as a base. This takes some artistic skill but provides you with a unique symbol for your logo.

Creating the Logo

Open Adobe Photoshop, and create a new project. You can also create a logo in Illustrator if you are more familiar with that program.

Create the text of your logo. This might be a single letter, a few letters, a word or an entire slogan. Choose a font that is eye-catching, and above all, easy to read. You can make your text one of the colors that you chose for your corporate colors.

Add another layer to your Photoshop document, and add the image that you chose for your logo. Never use items like clip art or simple shapes from Photoshop without changing them in some way. They are too easy to spot and make a logo look generic.

Change the colors of your symbol and text until you get a combination that you feel works well together. Limit your logo to two or three colors, as this will make it easy and affordable to print. You want a logo that can be easily reproduced so you can use it on your business cards and other similar branding devices.

Save your file as an EPS format file. This is a standard format for logo designs. Simply choose "Save As" in Photoshop, and then select ".eps" from the available file types.


  • The actual creation of a logo does not take too much effort. A photographer should have no difficulty doing so because the job only requires basic skills with a program like Photoshop. It is the design element that is much trickier. Think long and hard about your potential logo, and make sure that it is eye-catching and memorable. It should be unique enough that people instantly identify it with your business. Think about the simplicity and eye-catching nature of some of the most famous logos in the world, such as the Apple, Nike or McDonald's logos. If your logo is the first item you have designed for your business, use the colors you chose in the other elements of your branding. Your logo needs to be simple and able to be reproduced easily, so an unaltered photograph isn't the best option.