How to Write a Business Request Letter

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A business request letter can be an effective way to ask for a payment, seek quotes or estimates or solicit information. Professionally written company request letters are specific, detailed and to-the-point. They also provide all the information the recipient needs to comply with the request in a timely and accurate manner.

Use Professional Formatting

Get to the Point

Don't Beat Around the Bush

Make a Clear Request

Detail exactly what you want to happen next so there is no room for misunderstanding from the recipient. For example, “Your invoice must be paid in full by May 15, 2019 or we will be forced to discontinue your service.” Make it easy to comply by enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope, a link to your company’s website payment options page, a mailing label or your full mailing address.

Similar Rules for Email

While the same basic approach applies to email as well as regular mail letters, there are a few differences to note. Use your company logo and electronic signature and maintain all other formal business letter writing formalities. Also, request a return receipt to verify the recipient received your correspondence.

Keep Accurate Records

Print a copy of your request letters for your own reference. This is especially important if you are writing collection letters. In the event a debt must be turned over to a collection agency or attorney, you’ll have a paper trail indicating what you’ve done to collect the debt to date.