Selling cotton candy and popcorn can be a profitable business venture if it's structured and run correctly. To start a small business and make a profit, it's important to devise a business plan and save up the necessary funds to begin the venture. Once all the necessary equipment and supplies are purchased, it will take a little time to begin selling the products and turning a profit. The focus of starting and maintaining a cotton candy and popcorn business is to secure consistent locations and develop quality products that attract and maintain customers.

Things You Will Need
  • product machines

  • packaging materials

  • cotton candy sugar

  • cotton candy cones

  • large bags of popcorn kernels

  • popcorn butter

  • calculator

  • money box with a lock

  • venue or venues

  • contract or agreement with venue or business

  • electrical source

Step 1.

Log on to the Internet and begin researching the various machines that are available for the production of cotton candy and popcorn. Two separate machines will need to be purchased. It's important that you buy equipment that's large enough to meet consumer demand.

Step 2.

Determine if the machines need to be easy to move and transport. If you're going to travel to various venues and locations, it's important that the machines are designed to be mobile. The E Popcorn website explains that some popcorn machines are meant to be stationary, while others have built-on wheels.

Step 3.

Purchase all the supplies necessary to make the cotton candy and popcorn. The Cotton Candy Express website explains that cotton candy sugar, plastic or cardboard cones, and packaging materials are required to make cotton candy. Popcorn kernels, butter, and packaging are necessary for popcorn.

Step 4.

Schedule appointments with various businesses and venues so the possibility of selling cotton candy and popcorn there can be discussed. Consider sports arenas, shopping centers and even business parks as potential locations. Determine the days and times that are available as well as the average number of people who visit the locations. Sign an agreement or contract before beginning to sell any products.

Step 5.

Find an electrical outlet and set up all the equipment before starting to make the cotton candy and popcorn. Have a calculator and secure money box onsite to correctly handle all the money. Make sure the operation's times, locations and products are consistent so customers will always know where and when to find you, and will be treated to the same delicious cotton candy and popcorn.


Try to get an idea of how many customers you'll be serving so you make enough cotton candy and popcorn to meet the demand without having too many leftovers and wasted product. The Cotton Candy Express website notes that a cotton candy machine has the ability to produce approximately 60 to 80 servings in one hour.