How to Write a Cleaning Proposal

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Writing a proposal may seem challenging at first glance, but the more specific information available about the project, the easier it is to fill in the necessary information to provide an accurate proposal for services and the costs to provide them.

Write a Cleaning Proposal

List your company name and contact information on the document as it appears on your letterhead. Apply the date and customer's information on the upper left-hand corner of the document. Explain the detail of the project at hand and outline the services that will be provided. Highlight what sets your capabilities apart from others, such as time management or concentrated efforts, in brief, but easily understood terms, so as not to confuse the message.

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Outline the project. Determine how many rooms, offices or overall space will need cleaned, and in what capacity. Determine how the charges will be applied, according to service. As an example, if charging by room, list: "Three rooms, $75 each, totaling $225." List the service, a brief explanation of what it encompasses, and pricing on a separate page from the overall details. List the terms required for payment.

Proofread and spell check the proposal prior to submitting it for approval. A wrong number, or the client's name being spelled wrong, however inadvertently, could lead to a lost opportunity. Check spacing, margins, font style and size for consistency, prior to submitting, so as not to leave an abnormal amount of blank space on any one page of the proposal. Save the proposal to your desktop, and print two copies, one for submission, and one for your records. Submit the file electronically via email, but also by mail to insure receipt.