How to Design a Quality Control Sheet

Quality control is vital to the survival of a business. Quality control is important for a business certifications and to keep customers happy. Designing a detailed quality control form or sheet will ensure all employees know what you expect and inspectors will know exactly what to check for. Use quality control sheets for product inspections as well as customer service interactions.

Inspect every component or aspect of your product or service and make an assessment. Some large companies select a committee or group to create an initial assessment of the products or services. Assessments for products include parts used, assembly processes and end product specifications. Assessments for services include lists of performed services, steps taken to perform the service and customer satisfaction.

Create an initial checklist of items or processes you will need to inspect. For example, if the company creates pocket tee-shirts, the list would include straight hems, color, pocket position, pocket attachment and label. This indicates all the areas an inspector will check before approving the shirt. If a company is making a checklist for customer support help, the list might include greet customer, give customer name and id number, identify issue, solve issue in timely manner and ask if the customer needs anything else. A quality control employee would review calls with a checklist to make sure all the tasks on the list are done.

Call a meeting of all supervisors who the inspections will affect. At the meeting, review the initial list and ask for input on the list. Encourage a dialog with the supervisors that include problem areas in the past and additional items that you may have overlooked. Decide what type of list you need. Some quality control sheets have a simple list of areas and a check box. Some have tables that include specifications for different types of the same item, such as color and sizes. Take detailed notes of thecomments at the meeting.

Redesign a quality control sheet with the added information from the meeting. For a product quality control sheet: the top of the sheet should have a line for the product name or number and the line number or production team that crated the product; the middle of the page should have the checklist; and the bottom of the page should have a spot for the inspector to sign. Service quality control sheets should have the name of the service employee and time of service call or visit at the top; the middle should contain the checklist, and the bottom should have the a place for the inspector's signature.