How to Make a Women's Conference Packet

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Creating an effective conference packet is essential in supporting the smooth flow of a women's conference. While the idea of producing a conference packet may be daunting at first, it is possible to create a comprehensive document that includes the vital information for your women's conference, including a basic conference overview, agenda and note sections. Through careful planning and proper execution, a professional packet for a women's conference of any type can be produced.


Decide which elements of your women's conference will need to be detailed in writing for your delegates. Consider, for instance, the schedule of events and keynote speakers. Keep in mind minor but important details such as directions, parking information, and area restaurants if meals will not be served at the conference.

Chart the schedule of your conference on graph paper from beginning to end. The schedule of events, regardless of whether your women's conference is going to last one day or one week, is the most important element of your package. Once it has been charted, your conference agenda is ready. The conference's agenda will be the element of your packet that is most often reviewed by delegates.

Anticipate the size of your packet. Have a rough idea of how many pages you will need to impart all the information successfully. Keep in mind that it is sometimes better to provide a minimum amount of written information in a conference packet to avoid overwhelming the delegate. Remember to leave blank or lined pages where delegates can jot down their own notes.


Type the information you intend to include in your packet and format the pages cohesively. Avoid using too many fonts or unnecessary symbols; these will only serve as distractions. The main objective of your women's conference packet is to keep delegates informed and enhance their conference experience, so make sure your packet is informative above all else.

Print each page of the packet. Put the pages in order according to the time line of the conference. The conference agenda should always be either the first or second page of the packet, depending on whether or not you include a word of welcome. Ensure that each page is numbered so that if the pages become mixed up, they can easily be re-ordered.

Assemble your packet. Depending on the budget and style of your women's conference, you may choose to do this yourself or to have it professionally done. If you choose to assemble the packet yourself, the best approach is a single staple in the top left corner that allows your delegates to easily flip each page. If your budget allows for your packet to be professionally assembled, spiral binding is the most convenient option. Most copy centers can provide this service.