How to File a Grievance at the Workplace

by Faizah Imani; Updated September 26, 2017

When you feel that your employee rights have been violated, you should speak to your supervisor concerning the situation. Oftentimes, the supervisor will investigate your complaint and ensure that there is a resolution. If speaking with your supervisor is unfruitful, you may proceed with filing a workplace grievance. The method to file a grievance in the workplace will vary somewhat, depending upon whether or not you are a union member.

Non-Union Employee

Step 1

File your grievance within the time frame specified by your employer. For example, the deadline for filing a grievance is often within 30 days of the incident. To determine the time frame, refer to the "grievance policy" section of your employee handbook or contact the company's human resources department.

Step 2

Request a grievance form from your company's human resources department. If no special form is required, use your own paper.

Step 3

State at the top of your paper that you are filing a grievance. If you are using a company form, this should already be indicated on the form. State your name and the name of the person you are filing a grievance against.

Step 4

Document the details of your grievance. Describe what the person did that caused you to file the grievance. Describe how the person's actions are a violation of company policy. Include dates and times of each related incident. If applicable, name witnesses.

Step 5

Submit the grievance to your supervisor or upper management. If the supervisor or upper management is the target of your grievance filing, submit the grievance to the human resources department.

Step 6

Management generally has a specific time frame within which to respond to the grievance. The exact time frame depends upon your company's grievance policy. If the grievance is not addressed in a timely manner, you must decide whether or not the matter is worth your consulting an employment lawyer.

Union Employee

Step 1

Contact your Union steward.

Step 2

Advise the union steward that you would like to file a grievance against your employer.

Step 3

Provide the steward with all of the details of your grievance. He will document your grievance and submit it to the appropriate company officials. The steward will handle your grievance from start to finish. He will keep you informed of the status of your grievance.

Depending upon your grievance, the steward may decide to seek an arbitration meeting. If arbitration is necessary, you will be allowed to plead your case before a mediator.

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