How to Apply for an LLC in Colorado

You can apply for a Colorado LLC (Limited Liability Company) by filing Articles of Organization with the secretary of state. LLCs are organized and governed according to the state in which you register the business. For federal taxation purposes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not formally recognize LLCs. The IRS will treat your LLC as a default entity, unless you make an election to be taxed federally as a corporation. By default, the IRS taxes an LLC with one member as a sole proprietor, and LLCs with two or more members as a partnership.

Conduct a name availability search. From the “File a Document” page (see Resources), select the link to form a new LLC. This will take you to the name availability search page. Enter the name of your LLC and include “LLC” at the end of the name. If an active Colorado LLC is already using the name, you must apply under another name. You can proceed with your LLC application when you are taken to the Articles of Organization page. This indicates the name of your business is not in use.

Complete Articles of Organization. The state of Colorado only accepts articles electronically. Use the online fill in form to complete name, address and member information for your LLC. When you are finished, click “Submit.”

Pay filing fees. As of 2010, the fee for filing Colorado Articles of Organization was $50. When your articles are accepted, the state will email you a transaction confirmation. This email contains a copy of your articles and bears a validation stamp in the upper left corner. Colorado uses a real-time system, meaning your document is filed and available immediately.


  • After you have formed your LLC with the state, apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS. You will need this number to open a business bank account.