How to Find Wholesale Dealers

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Business owners often rely on wholesale dealers to save money when purchasing products to sell or for items necessary to operate a business. However, not all wholesalers will sell to individuals. Wholesalers often sell large quantities. Try to find wholesalers who are drop shippers, which are wholesalers who will ship products directly to customers for you. Use a drop shipper if you plan to order single units of items. Using a drop shipper keeps your expenses and inventory levels down.

Search the Yellow Pages for wholesale dealers. Use a local wholesaler if you want to keep shipping costs down.

Search through business opportunity magazines at your local bookstore or grocery store news stand. Read business opportunity magazines because many of the wholesalers in these magazines are actively seeking distributors. Scan the classified sections of magazines such as "Small Business Opportunities," "Opportunity," "Business Opportunities," "Home Business" and "Entrepreneur."

Locate franchise companies that sell your products, as franchisers are wholesalers, too. Go to and search for the specific products you want. Visit the website, which lists many franchise companies.

Look through various trade publications related to the products you want. Try "Store" or "Retailing Today" because wholesalers often market to retailers. Go to and order free retail trade publications, according to

Visit the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors website at Call NAW and ask for a list of wholesalers. (See Resource 2)

Contact various professional associations related to the products you sell. Go to, for example if you are searching for pet wholesalers. Visit Concept Marketing Group's "Directory of Associations" website at Go to "Gale's Encyclopedia of Associations" website at (See Resources 3, 4 and 5)

Scan various business newspapers in your area. Look for trade shows coming to your area. Go to the trade shows and see which dealers are showing the products you want to sell.

Cut your wholesaler list down to several of your top choices. Select the wholesaler that offers you the quickest delivery time and best prices.


  • You might need to locate multiple wholesalers to supply all the products you need.