Oftentimes, an aspiring guitar player will give up before learning the skills and techniques that are necessary to be a fluent player. If he has a personal coach to help him develop his talent, he has a greater chance at success. When you are an experienced guitar teacher, you can use your knowledge and skills to help those aspiring musicians. The first step in providing private guitar lessons is to let others know you exist. This can be done through several advertising methods.

Step 1.

Write down information concerning what qualifies you to teach guitar lessons, as well as information about the guitar lessons. For example, state how long you have been playing the guitar, how long you have been giving lessons, music degrees you possess and music accolades you have received. Include the length of the sessions that are available, the cost for the lessons and whether you are willing to travel to the student.

If you are unsure of how much you should charge for the guitar lessons, research what other guitar teachers charge by calling other tutors or music stores that offer lessons.

Step 2.

Put the information into a flier. Distribute the fliers in locations where musically inclined individuals are prone to gather. For example, you can post the fliers in middle school and high school band rooms, university band halls and symphony halls. Speak with the band director and obtain permission to post your fliers.

Send your fliers to churches. Ask the churches to post your flier information in the church bulletin. Some of the church musicians may decide to take advantage of your lessons. Individuals in the congregation may be interested in taking lessons.

Step 3.

Post your information onto online sites, such as Lesson Match, Take Lessons, Private Lessons and Learning Musician. You may be required to pay a fee to list your information. You may be required to undergo an application process. Exact protocols will vary by site.

Step 4.

Post your information to online classified ad sites, such as Craigslist, Classifieds for Free and Oodle.

Step 5.

Use social media sites, such as FaceBook and MySpace to advertise your guitar lessons. For example, instead of creating a personal profile using your own name, you can create a fan page using the name "Guitar Teacher" or an alternate name of your choice.

To attract friends to your social media pages, you can add daily tips that relate to playing the guitar. You can even post videos of yourself playing the guitar, so others can hear your skills.


You can also utilize newspapers to advertise your guitar lessons, although you will be charged a fee--unlike the classified websites. Post your advertisement in the “Services Offered” classified ads section. The exact wording may vary by paper. Many newspapers also allow you to post ads through its online website.