How to Renew Your CNA

Once you have received your certified nursing assistant license, you can practice as a CNA in many settings including health care facilities and in patients’ homes. However, after a year or two depending on your state, you will need to renew your license. The renewal process varies from state to state, so contact your state’s licensing authority well before your renewal is due to make sure you follow all the correct renewal procedures.

Read through the renewal notice that comes in the mail before your renewal is due. This is usually from your nurse's aide registration office, your state’s nursing board or another state government office. It will contain instructions for renewing your registration.

Fill out any paperwork that is necessary to renew your application. You may be able to renew your application online on your nurse aide registry’s website. Almost half of renewals can be processed this way, according to (See Reference 1.)

Submit the paperwork or online registration to your nurse's aide registry or other licensing authority. Include payment for your renewal, which will be about half of what you paid for your initial license. In addition, update your address with the state if it has changed since you first received your license. An incorrect address could cause you to lose your license permanently.


  • You may have to take continuing education credits to be eligible for renewal of your license. You may also have to work for pay for a certain number of hours as a CNA before you can renew your license. The requirements vary by state. If you have not worked as a CNA for pay within the last two years, you may have to take the CNA licensing exam again.