How to Propose a Solution

by David Somerset; Updated September 26, 2017

You will find that problems are one of the few things you can count on in the business world. Whether you own your own business or work as an employee at someone else's company, there will always be some issue that requires solving. No matter your role at the company, a point will come where you will be asked to devise a solution to a business problem. One of the important things to keep in mind is that you must propose your solution clearly.

Step 1

Introduce the problem to your audience. Regardless of if you are proposing your solution in writing, at a meeting, or in a regular conversation, you must ensure that everyone present understands the nature of the problem. If the audience members do not understand the problem, they will not be able to understand your proposed solution.

Step 2

Explain the type of solution you are proposing. Different types of problems require different types of solutions. Your solution may consist of one specific action that can be taken by one person to resolve the problem, or may be a sweeping policy change that will affect everyone at the company. Ensure that your audience is aware of the type of solution before you begin to go into detail about your proposed solution.

Step 3

Explain your solution with an appropriate level of detail for the situation in which you are explaining it. For a meeting with a lot of people you may be able to give a very broad overview, while a written proposal to your boss recommending action needs to be very detailed.

Step 4

Prepare to defend your solution. Be ready to explain why your solution is the best possible solution to the problem. Do accept constructive feedback and incorporate it into your proposed solution if it makes sense to do so.


  • If someone has a question about your solution that you cannot answer or raises an issue you hadn't considered, don't be afraid to admit this. Get back with the person after doing research.

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