How to Prepare Subcontractor Bids

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Contractors often hire independent subcontractors to complete portions of a job that they either do not want to complete or cannot complete. Subcontractors are often thought of in connection with construction, engineering and building, but they also can be found in a variety of other fields, such as computer technology, medicine and business. Subcontractors, who are independent and self-employed, often need to submit bids, or estimates, to contractors to be selected for a particular job.

Obtain a subcontractor bid form from an office supply store, or create a personalized form on your computer. Include your logo on the form if you are creating it yourself. You could also use a template from the Internet, where many subcontractor bid forms are available.

Include information about the job that you are bidding for, the number of hours you are willing to work and the amount for pay you expect for the work. Also include information about the equipment and extra labor that you are willing to supply or that you would need from the contractor.

Specify the sections of the bid that you are including and excluding. Designate anything that you are willing to do or not willing to do, working from the contractor's initial bid specifications.

Write or type the dates, location, address and projected schedule on the bid form. Include as much detail as possible so that the contractor sees your bid as professional and easy to understand.

Include your contact information on your bid form so that the contractor can easily get in touch with you if he has questions or wishes to accept your bid.