Changes in service provisions bridge the gap between companies and their customers. Health care facilities, banking institutions and legal firms implement service provisions to provide products and services to their clients. The importance of service provisions is magnified when customer requirements and expectations are not being met. If this is the case, then service provisions must be reviewed and adjusted to meet the needs of the customer. Service provision goals are to improve service quality, which can equate to an increased level of productivity.

Things You Will Need
  • Service policies

  • Customer input


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Identify the main aspects of the service provision. Focal points for an organization can consists of product delivery and provider alignment. These key aspects make up the bulk of the service provision which ensures maximum performance and a desired outcome.


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Assess the service provision. What areas influence the outcome and performance of company focal points? For example, organizational structure and processes can affect the delivery of product to a consumer. If delivery time is important to the organization then this provision segment deserves attention.


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Determine the segments that need to be monitored. This assumption is made according to service provision assessment. The company's long- and short-term goals are also taken into account. Service provision policies must be clear and complement the goals of the organization.


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Develop a set of criteria to monitor the policy. Determine the methods of measurement related to the focal points identified by your assessment. If delivery time is a priority, then set up constraints to monitor this policy. Include the specialists and employees who will be involved in the process.