With the introduction and later preeminence of computers and the Internet in workplaces around the world, several important aspects about the way people once conducted themselves within the office environment have changed. If you retired or otherwise took a break from work before this technology became commonplace and want to update yourself as to the way things work today either prior to and just after accepting new employment, you can take any of several steps to ensure you are with the times.

Visit your local career or workforce training center and meet with one of the training specialists on staff. Inform him of your situation and that you'd like to update your knowledge of modern office practices and procedures, including the role of computers, the Internet and other modern technology in daily business.

Apply for an office job in a field familiar to you and in which you have relevant experience. Be upfront with the hiring manager about any ambiguities you have as to modern office practices, procedures and technology, but inform her that mastering them is among your highest priorities upon gaining employment.

Speak with your supervisor or human resources manager to inquire about available on-the-job training opportunities. Identify any related procedures or practices — for example, the proper etiquette, tone and formality to use when composing a business email — you don't fully understand.