How to Create a Purchase Order Template

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Time is a precious commodity--especially in the business world. Creating templates for documents you use frequently is one such way to save time. A purchase order is one of the most often-used documents for small businesses. There are numerous templates available for download via the Internet, but many small businesses find it more valuable to create their own using their computer's word processing software.

Outline your purchase order needs. Most companies prefer a section for date, customer ID number and contact information, order number, description of product ordered, and cost. Other sections to include may be order placed by, order received by, order completed by, order approved by, ship date, billing method, shipping method, and total cost.

Create the table using your computer software. Ensure you have space for all the important purchase-order sections you determined in step one. Preview the table on screen to see if anything is missing and it is an ease of use format. Print a sample.

Review printed sample. By printing a sample you can see whether it is a practical document that your employees can use. Make notes of any changes or any ways to improve the purchase order template.

Save the template under a name you can easily recognize. Share the name with your employees so they can find it quickly when needing to place a customer's order.


  • Print several stacks of purchase orders and place near any telephone that might be used to take a customer's order. This will make it easy and efficient to serve your customer's needs.


  • When filling out the purchase order template on screen instead of with ink, save the document under the customer's name and the date ordered. This will help prevent losing the order information.


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