A payment request, also known as a request for payment, is a nonstandard request by a department for approval of payment by the company for goods or services. It is often used for purchases when an invoice is not provided.


Organizations often allocate budgets to departments for purchase of supplies, goods and services. Requests for payment are used to gain approval for payment toward a nonstandard purchase, or in some instances to provide reimbursement for a payment.


Organizations that have payment request processes use paper or electronic forms. Requests include key dates, purchase details and purpose, and payment amounts, along with any supporting documentation.


Request for payment policies usually include limitations on what types of purchases can be made through requests. For example, Temple University's policy includes the statement, "A Request for Payment cannot be used for purchase of capital items, travel, or any goods or most services over $2,000." These items would likely be included in other budgets or purchase processes.