A successful advertising campaign is crucial for the success of credit repair companies, which may not be able to count on heavy repeat business. The nature of the business requires a steady flow of new customers, as former customers, at least theoretically, will not have a regular need for more credit repair once their initial problems have been resolved. To be successful, credit repair companies should consider various types of advertising, including social-media and grass-roots marketing campaigns.

Step 1.

Check the laws in your state before starting an advertising campaign. For example, in Oregon credit repair companies must be registered with the state's Department of Consumer and Business Services, and the registration number must be included in all advertising materials. Check with your state's department of commerce or similar agency for guidelines specific to your state.

Step 2.

Market your credit repair company on social-networking sites. Use the sites to create "friends" of your business as you build grass-roots advertising campaigns.

Step 3.

Market your services to real estate agents, car dealerships, bank loan officers and others involved in approving people for credit. Your goal is to have these salespeople recommend your company to people who are applying for credit but can't get approved because of their credit problems.

Step 4.

Place advertisements on free online-classifieds sites. Also place ads in small community newspapers. Increase your advertising as your business grows by purchasing advertising on radio and television.


Your advertising campaign should include assurances that your services are legal and ethical. The Federal Trade Commission reports that many credit repair companies take advantage of people with credit problems. Such companies collect large upfront fees for promises they cannot deliver on, such as legally removing foreclosure and bankruptcy information from credit reports, the FTC says.