How to Clean the Roller Bars in a Copy Machine

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A copy machine's rollers help feed paper through the machine to create copies of documents, images, recipes and other items for work-related or personal purposes. Dust, paper particles and other debris can create problems and reduce production capacity by preventing the paper from feeding correctly. Water is often a suitable cleaner for these rollers, although alcohol is sometimes recommended by manufacturers.

Wet a cloth with water or, if and only if recommended by the copy machine's manufacturer, an alcohol-based cleanser or rubbing alcohol. If this is not recommended, it's because alcohol can eat at the roller bars' surface or possibly start a fire.

Wring out the cloth so there is no excess water. Use only lint-free cloths, because even a small amount of lint can cause the rollers to malfunction in the same way as the dust and paper debris you are trying to remove.

Gently wipe the surface of the rollers, removing dust and other debris. If you can turn the rollers, do so, but do not force them to turn. Wipe all surfaces you can reach.

Dry the roller bars with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. After you have dried them completely with the cloth, let them air-day until they are no longer even slightly damp before using the copier.


  • Most user manuals or start-up manuals have a section on "routine maintenance," including regular cleaning procedures and what products to use. If you're still experiencing problems, contact a service company recommended by the product's manufacturer.

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