Harley-Davidson is an established brand with widespread instant logo recognition. As such, it is an attractive target for product licensing from other companies. In recent years, Harley-Davidson became quite liberal in its licensing policies, allowing many products with no connection to motorcycles or the biker lifestyle to be licensed. After seeing a negative impact to the brand, however, the company reevaluated their licensing strategy and now only accepts licensed products that are in line with their own goals and guidelines for the brand.

Things You Will Need
  • Harley-Davidson licensee application form

  • Product sample

Download and print out the Harley-Davidson Licensee Application Form. Fill out the form, including all information about your company and your product idea. The company will not consider logo licensing to individuals with no business history and no access to manufacturing capability.

Mail the completed application to Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Attn: Licensing Department/Application Submission, 3700 W. Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208. Alternately, email the signed and dated form to [email protected]. Keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

Send samples of your proposed product to the above address when prompted to do so by Harley-Davidson. They will not request or accept product samples until after they have reviewed your application.

Sign and return Harley-Davidson's licensing contract to complete the deal if they accept your licensing application. Review the contract carefully beforehand to make sure the terms are acceptable. As with any legally binding contract, seek legal advice if you are unsure about anything.


Make sure your product is unique, market-leading and relevant to the Harley-Davidson brand before applying for logo licensing. Competition for brand licensing is strong.


Harley-Davidson does not accept unsolicited product samples. If you send a product sample before Harley-Davidson requests it, the idea for that product becomes the property of Harley-Davidson.