How to Calculate Abandonment Rate

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Abandonment rate is a statistic that can have a variety of different meanings. When applied to the business of telemarketers, abandonment rate means the amount of calls that are not picked up by a live person. Websites have also been using abandonment rate stats, meaning the percentage of people that leave a website after going to the first page. As such, the basic definition is how many people actually follow through on a specific step of the process, divided by the amount of people contacted about the process. It is a simple statistic to calculate.

Find the total amount of people reached about the product. If this product is a website, then it is the total number of people who have reached the website. If it is filling out a customer service form, then it is how many people are given customer service forms. If it is making phone calls from a telemarketer, then it is how many people are called. This number will be larger than the following number.

Find the total number of people who performed the task you are calculating for. For example, if you want to find the total number of people who got to "Page 2" of your website, that is the number. If you want to find out how many people filled out a customer service form, purchased an item, or how many live people were reached by the telemarketer, this will be your second number.

Divide the second number by the first number, then subtract this number from 1. Move the decimal point over to the right two places to change it into a percentage. This is your abandonment rate. For example, if 100 people got to the first page of your website, but only 50 people went to the second, then your website has a page-one-to-page-two abandonment rate of 50 percent. If you called 500 people with your telemarketing service and only spoke to 40 live people, your telemarketing program has an abandonment rate of 92 percent.