Skullcandy is a company headquartered in Park City, Utah, that manufactures and markets headphones, MP3 players, apparel, and iPod docking stations. Skullcandy sells its products online through its website and through a network of authorized online and offline dealers. The company offers discounted pricing on bulk purchases and provides support services for its network of dealers.

Call Skullcandy at 435-615-7691. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected].

Request a dealer application. Skullcandy can mail, fax or email the application to you.

Complete the application with information about your business. The only requirement to become a Skullcandy dealer is that you have a business license. The application asks for information about your business structure (name, type of business, address, phone number, etc.). The application also asks you to agree to Skullcandy's terms of service for its dealer program. Follow the instructions on the application and fax the completed form and a copy of your business license to the fax number listed on the application form. If you have a tax-exempt resellers certificate from your state, you should also fax a copy of this form with your completed application.

Wait for approval. The approval process normally takes three to seven business days. Once approved, Skullcandy will send you a dealer price list. You are now an approved Skullcandy dealer, and you can start selling Skullcandy products.


If your business does not have a tax exempt resellers certificate from your state, Skullcandy will still accept your dealer application. However, Skullcandy will collect sales tax, as required by your state, when placing an order for Skullcandy products.

In many areas, you can get a business license and operate your business as a sole proprietor doing business in your own name. Skullcandy does not require your to have a specific type of business entity for approval into the dealer program. Also, Skullcandy does not require any time of specific experience for approval.