How to Remove Ink From a Document

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Removing permanent ink stains from a paper document can be a challenge. It requires the purchase and use of certain products to begin the stain removal process. This process will suit your needs well if using liquid correction fluid is not an option for you.

Put on a pair of protective gloves as a safety precaution. Keep them on throughout the entire process.

Open your purchased hydrochloric acid product. It is available in salt or liquid form from a retail store. This product is also known as spirit of salts.

Add water to the hydrochloric acid to dilute the chemical. Dilute it with five times its bulk in water (one part hydrochloric acid to five parts water).

Dip the cotton swab in the diluted solution. You may need to keep another handful of cotton swabs on hand depending on the size of the ink stain you are removing.

Rub at the stain gently with the cotton swab dipped in the solution.

Add more hydrochloric acid to the solution if it needs more strength to complete the job. If not, continue to remove the stain, trying not to damage the document.

Allow the document to dry after you've removed the stain.


  • Work in an area you don't mind damaging in case of spills.


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