How to Search for an ABN Number

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When a business opens in Australia, the Australian Taxation Office assigns it an 11-digit identification number if it meets eligibility criteria. The office determines that eligibility by the business's situation, activities and structure. A business with an ABN becomes part of the Australian Business Register, where anyone can look up information about a business.

Utilize ABN Search Feature

The Australian Business Register runs an online search feature on its home page where anyone can look up ABN numbers. The user enters in a business, entity or trading name to find that business's ABN number. The search also performs a simultaneous key word search on other Australian government websites that can bring up additional information about that business.


The search feature also gives the user each company's state, territory and postcode. The ABR entry also includes information on charitable donations that company has made and other federal identification numbers. Businesses added to the register prior to May 2012 may not come up in the ABN search unless that business has added its ABN number to the registry of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. That organization oversees the Australian Business Register.



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