How to Write Business Estimate Templates

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When your business provides customers with estimates for your products and services, using a business estimate template cuts down on the time it takes you to write an estimate each time one is needed. You can create a business estimate template to fit the needs of your type of business and give it the look and feel of your other marketing materials by personalizing it with your logo, contact information, terms and conditions.

Open a blank document in your word processing software.

Type “Estimate” at the top of the form, centered and in bold font. Enter a couple of hard returns.

Type in your business contact information. In a block in the left-hand corner of the document, type in your business name, address, phone number, website and email address.

Upload your business logo. If you have a logo for your business, insert it into the document, somewhere at the top, where you feel it is appropriate.

Create the customer information section. Enter a couple of hard returns between the business contact information and insert a section for the customer contact information. Create a line for each piece of contact information, such as the customer name, address, phone number, email address and any other contact information you need to collect from the customer.

Create the estimate section for the products or services. Enter a couple of hard returns after the customer contact section of the form and create a table. Divide the table into columns, with each column standing for the number or details of the estimate. For example, the first column may be for the quantity, the second column for a description of the product or service, the third column for the unit price and the final column for the total price for the line item.

Add a grand total section at the bottom of the form. Near the bottom of the table, include a grand total section where you insert the total for all of the products or services that are part of the estimate.

Save the final template to your computer.


  • You can print blank copies of the business estimate template form to use when you meet with prospective customers. You can also fill in the information on the form on your computer and print it or email it to prospects.

    Keep a blank form copy as your main template of the estimate form and then save each customer estimate as a new document so that you will always have a clean blank version of the estimate form.