A Limited Liability Company in the state of Florida is registered through the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Often, businesses use lawyers to prepare legal documents, such as the Articles of Organization to establish an LLC. However, the Division of Corporations provides many common documents online. Business owners comfortable with these documents can save money by completing tasks, such as adding additional members, themselves, using the forms available online.

Open a web browser and navigate to http://www.sunbiz.org.

Click "Print Filing Forms" on the menu on the lefthand side.

Click "Florida Limited Liability Company /LLC" under the Limited Liability Company section.

Click "Amendment" to open the form used for amending the Articles of Organization, which is the method used to add additional members.

Complete the form, either online or by printing the document and completing it manually. Be sure to complete the page listing members and managing members, choosing to add or remove each listed member by checking the corresponding box.

Mail the completed form and filing fee to the Division of Corporations using the address in the document.