How to Get Copies of Articles of Incorporation in Delaware

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Entrepreneurs must file a “Certificate of Incorporation” with the corporations division in Delaware to form a Delaware corporation. This document lists the name of the corporation, provides the business’s registered office address in Delaware, and lists the names of the people who formed the entity. For record keeping purposes or to open business accounts, a certified copy of this document may be necessary. To obtain copies of filed certificates of incorporation, a business must file a request for a “Certified Certificate of Status” from the Division of Corporations.

Obtain a copy of the “Certification Request Memo.” See the link in the resources. You may use your own corporate letterhead to make this request as well.

Fill out the certification request memo. If you use corporate letterhead, use the certification request memo as a template and include all the required information from the form on your company letterhead.

Mail or fax your request to the Delaware Division of Corporations. The fax number is 302-739-3812. Mail requests to:

Division of Corporations 401 Federal Street, Suite 4 Dover, DE 19901


  • You must include credit card information or a money order with your request. Fees are subject to change and vary based on requested priority status. Expedited service costs more than standard service. Contact the Delaware Division of Corporations to obtain a current fee schedule.