How to sell music on bandcamp

by Wesley Davis ; Updated September 26, 2017
Are you a singer-songwriter or band looking for an inexpensive way to distribute your music?

Some major performers such as Wynton Marsalis have begun using BandCamp.com to sell music directly to fans. The basic music distribution service is free. BandCamp stays in business by collecting a 15 percent revenue share on your band's sales. As a bonus for high volume sellers, the revenue share drops to 10 percent when sales top $5,000 during a 12-month period. The sales volume is calculated based upon the Paypal address that you use for payment, so multiple bands or record labels can group their sales together easily.

Sign up for a BandCamp Artist account by visiting bandcamp.com/signup. You will be asked for your band name, genre and location.

Choose your band's domain name. The URL will be your-bands-name.bandcamp.com.

Upload your first track. Bandcamp accepts songs up to 291 MB in .wav, .aif or .flac file formats.

Enter track information, credits and lyrics. According to Bandcamp.com, the more you explain about your music, the more likely it is to sell.

Set the price for the individual tracks or let the fans choose how much they would like to pay. You can give up to 200 tracks away free each month.

Save the track when the song has finished uploading. If the song is part of an album or EP follow the instructions on the next page to upload album information, attach cover art and set the album price.

Make money through regular payments to your PayPal account. If you do not have one, you will be directed to PayPal.com in order to sign up.

Share your album by embedding a Bandcamp player on your website. Bandcamp keeps track of statistics such as sales and the number of plays on BandCamp.com and through embedded players on your sites.


  • Use Bandcamp.com to send links for free downloads in order to place your music in the hands of music industry professionals.

    Add fans to your email list by requiring an email address to be entered each time a track or album is downloaded for free.

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