A batch reports is one of the most important reports that your credit card machine has to offer. The batch report gives you an accounting of each credit and debit card transaction that you have processed in the batch as well as their total. You may misplace or forget to run a batch report on a busy day. Knowing how to reprint it will keep you from spending valuable time on the telephone with your merchant services provider.

Things You Will Need
  • Credit card machine

  • Printer paper

Close the batch before printing the report. To do this on a Hypercom terminal, press the “Settle” key, and then enter the password. The default password is “0000”. The terminal will ask you to verify the batch total you want to settle. If the amount on the screen is correct, press "Enter". The terminal will begin settling the batch. For a Nurit terminal, press the “Batch” key and then press "Enter" to choose "All". The terminal will dial out, settle the batch and print a report.

Access the reports menu/function. To reprint a batch report on a Hypercom terminal, press the gray "Reports" key. On a Nurit terminal press the "Menu/Escape" key, and then press "Enter" to select the reports menu.

Print the batch report. On the Nurit terminal, press "3" for a history report. This will allow you to print the batch reports for all batches processed within the past thirty days. On Hypercom terminal select "Summary Report" and press "Enter". The report will print.

Contact your merchant services provider if you have difficulty accessing the report you wish to reprint, either due to the age of the batch or a technical malfunction. Your service provider can provide a detailed batch report for just about any batch you have processed within the calendar year.