Starting your own home-based label business requires a minimum amount of equipment and space. You can operate the entire business from a spare room or even the corner of your bedroom. The label printing business is a multimillion dollar industry, and you can cash in on a piece of that business by starting your own name label company.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with printer

  • Fax machine

  • Telephone

  • Blank labels of various sizes

Step 1.

Register your business with your local county government. In most cases, you will only need to fill out a DBA (doing business as) form and operate your business as a sole proprietor. This business structure is the easiest to set up. Pick a business name that describes the work that you're doing for the customer, such as "Custom Name Labels Co."

Step 2.

Create a simple website for your business, showing samples of your work, your contact information, and a way for the customers to place orders and enter their credit card information. A well-produced website will keep you from having to process most orders by hand.

Step 3.

Market your services to people that you know first. This will allow you to gain a few clients and establish an efficient method of working and processing your orders. Once you have gained a few clients expand your reach on a national scale.

Step 4.

Create your custom name labels using a word processing program or custom label software. You can use the "mail merge" function of your word processor in order to print the labels directly from the customer's online order. This will save you the time of retyping each order.

Step 5.

Ship the orders the day that they are placed. The number one cause of customer dissatisfaction with businesses owners is that they take too long to ship their order. On-time shipping will result in long-term clients.

Step 6.

Grow your business by offering other custom-printed labels. Once your orders are too big to print in your home, you can outsource everything to a large print shop and you will become a print broker.