You can make money selling wristbands by doing so in a creative way. Market your wristbands to a target audience that you believe would be interested in purchasing them. Also, try to think outside the traditional realm of wristband-selling such as at sidewalk sales and from tables at fairs and events; find and use new angles such as online media for marketing and sales.

An example of explosive sales in wristbands is the yellow "LiveStrong" wristbands that many athletes and non-athletes wear. These have been marketed by cyclist Lance Armstrong. Proceeds from the wristband benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation that helps to empower those who have been affected by different types of cancer.

How to turn a profit off of wristband selling

Step 1.

Find the wristbands at a low price. Do market research online to find wristbands that you can purchase in bulk. Many companies offer wristbands at a discounted rate if you purchase a large amount. This will be helpful because you will be able to buy the wristbands for a deep discount, then sell them at the price you have determined per wristband, turning a higher profit with each sale. Try websites such as or to find deals.

During the ordering stage, you'll be able to choose different slogans and symbols you can have embossed on the rubber wristbands. Try to choose a saying or meaning that will be catchy, or have meaning. For example, the LiveStrong yellow wristbands are often equated with empowerment. Think of a saying of phrase that people will want to wear and look at daily in order for your sales to pick up.

Step 2.

Market your product through different venues. Set up a Facebook and Twitter account and target people who you think may be interested in your product. Marketing online with social media is great because you can reach many people outside of your local area, increasing your chances for a sales. Plus, there is no cost to sign up for these networks. Be sure to interact with users during your online marketing and make it a positive experience for your to-be customers. Customers who have had good service are likely to tell their friends about it. These friends could be your next sales.

Step 3.

Hit the streets with your product. Sometimes sitting in one place trying to sell items, such as wristbands, defeats the purpose unless the client walks directly by you. Try going out on a Friday night to a popular street and seeing if people would like to purchase your wristbands. If you make one sale, chances are the customer's friends will likely buy from you as well since the sale was social.