For any Floridians out there, fruitlessly searching for information on how to get licensed to operate your brand new pressure washer, rest easy because there is no statewide license required to operate a pressure washer in the state of Florida. If your purposes are domestic, you can buy or rent a pressure washer at many hardware stores. If you’re thinking of starting a business, then you may need a general contractors occupational license to offer your pressure washing services. Also be aware that there may be township or county regulations that require you to obtain a permit to perform any sort of commercial improvement, which may include the use of a pressure washer.

Things You Will Need
  • Application fees

  • Test preparation materials

General Contracting Business With Pressure Washing Services

Apply for both the Construction License examination and Business and Finance Exam with Professional Testing Inc (PTI). Call 407-264-0562 or apply via the Internet at The construction license exams you want to take are probably the general contractor’s contract administration and project management sections (general contractors license that does not restrict the locations or type of work you may perform, like pressure washing). Be aware that variations exist that are specific to residential, commercial construction and improvements, as well as more specialized “Division II” licenses relevant to materials and types of repair (sheet metal, plumbing), though these do not apply directly to pressure washing.

Pay the fees associated with the exam. The construction license exam costs a total of $215. This money covers the $135 PTI exam fee and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) fee. If you pay by credit or debit, you may pay the total $215 in one payment. However if you pay by check, make the first check of $135 payable to “Professional Testing Inc.” and the second check payable to the “Department of Business and Professional Regulation.” Both checks may be sent to PTI as they will forward the $80 check to the DBPR.

Contact Pearson VUE after you receive authorization to take the Business and Finance Exam by mail. You will receive authorization after you apply for the construction portion of the exam. Call 888-204-6230 to schedule this exam.

Study for both exams. Obtain test preparation materials from the DBPR website, which may include material on pressure washing. You may bring reference materials into the examination room at the time of the exam.

Take and pass the Construction and Business and Finance Exams. You must attain a minimum score of 70 percent on each section to pass the exam. At the exam site, you will need your social security number forms that indicate you are authorized to take the exam. You will answer 120 questions for the Construction exam and 120 for the Business and Finance exam.

Request your actual license from the DBPR after you pass these exams. Download application form at Include with your license application a fee of $249 from May 1 of any even year to August 31 of any odd year. The fee will be $149 from September 1 of any odd year to April 30 of any even year. Renew this license biannually.


According to the Florida Administrative Code, "a candidate shall be required to retake only the tests on which he or she failed to achieve a passing score or failed to appear to take when scheduled.” You may retake the exam 21 days after you fail.

If you fail the exam, you may review your exam for a fee of $35.