You can grow your business substantially by accepting insurance as a form of payment. Most people would prefer using insurance rather than paying out of pocket. Thus, you should make every effort to open your doors to customers who wish to pay using insurance. You may have to put in some extra work to do so. Accepting insurance requires more steps than accepting cash or credit card payments; however, your newfound client volume will compensate you for your time.

Contact an insurance company. You will have to find information out from them in order to fully understand your capabilities. Find out exactly what cases you can accept insurance for. This way, you will be able to prescreen clients by figuring out whether or not insurance companies will compensate you on your clients’ behalf.

Create intake forms for your customers. This way, they will do the legwork for you by filling in all vital information necessary for you to file your paperwork with the insurance company. Have them fill out these forms before you render your services.

Submit claims to the insurance company. Use the paperwork from your clients in order to file these claims. Additionally, fill in any information required of you by the insurance company. Take detailed notes during your work to maximize your accuracy when filing claims. As you file more claims with a certain insurance company, your relationship with that company will grow and the process will become easier.