How to Start a Door Hanger Delivery Service

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Many businesses like to use door hanger advertising to promote their business. This can be a great opportunity for you to make money with your own door hanger service by finding businesses that want to advertise this way, then having the door hangers designed and hanging them on doors of potential residential customers. A door hanger provides an in-your-face ad, since each potential customer has to put his hands on the hanger to remove it from their door knob. It can be an ideal home-based business that can augment your income.

Design a door hanger. There are several companies that will print out the door hangers for you and provide a template for you to use. Decide how much each ad will cost you and how much you will charge the customer so that you make a profit on each ad placed on the door hanger.

Sell the ads that will be on each hanger--you'll want to put multiple ads on each hanger. Go to businesses after you've researched what other advertising is costing them so you can sell the advantages of door hanger ads opposed to other methods. Talking to the owner or manager will get you the fastest response since these are the people that usually make the advertising decisions.

Proof the ads by having a mock door hanger made up with each company's ad on it, then get each business to sign off on its ad. This can eliminate problems because the client has approved the add before it appears.

Send the proof to the printer to have it printed in mass quantities for distribution. When you receive the door hangers back, compare them to he proof that you sent to the printer and make sure that they are identical. If not, work it out with the printer. Finding a reputable printer or one who specializes in door hangers will prevent most printing problems.

Start placing the door hangers on doors of residential customers. You may need several days to get them all distributed and may need help from friends, family or hired employees. If there are coupons on the door hanger it will be an excellent way for the businesses to keep track of how well the door hangers are working as advertising for them. If there is a "No Soliciting" sign on a door or house, do not leave a door hanger. This makes for a bad name for you and the businesses that your advertisement represents.