How to Write a Strategic Management Plan for Technology Implementation

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A strategic management plan is a tool used by upper level management in a company to drive the business forward. The strategic management plan is used as a guide for all company-wide decisions. This keeps all members of management working toward the same goals. Strategic management plans can also be used on a smaller scale for projects within a company. Careful strategic planning before a technical implementation allows management and the technical team to work toward the same goal on the same timeline.

Determine and document the ultimate goal of the implementation, including what systems and software will be installed. Document the purpose of the technical implementation and how it will help the overall efficiency or profitability of the business.

Analyze the current systems. Document the existing hardware and software.

Develop a strategy for the technical implementation. Work closely with technical resources to understand how the new systems and software will be implemented. Create a realistic timeline for the project completion.

Create a document that outlines all of the steps that will be taken during the technical implementation. Include deadlines for all major steps. Indicate what parties or groups will be responsible for each step of the process.

Insert an area on the document for signatures. Share the strategic management plan with all affected groups within the company. Obtain signatures from all parties. This will document that each group was involved in the planning process and agreed to the specified tasks and timeline.


  • Create a separate changed management document for any changes that may need to be done to the strategic management plan during the technical implementation. Changes to the system requirements or functionality may require additional time or resources. Keep careful records of any changes.