Many organizations have problems, and to write a memo about solving a problem you should follow specific steps. . Before you can write a memo you need all the information pertaining to the problem as well as the individuals involved. Sometimes solving a problem is a matter of improving communication.

Determine or define the problem is. Your memo should start with a problem statement. This is a quick summary of what the problem is. Make sure you put this information in the simplest terms possible so everyone involved will understand the problem.

Find out possible causes of the problem. Your action plan can be geared towards eliminating the causes.

Write out who and what is affected by the problem. List all people and departments affected and explain how. For example, an inadequate computer system will affect the customer service department because it will not be able to take calls as quickly. This can reduce the profitability of a company because poor customer service can cause a loss of market share.

Make a list of the possible solutions to the problem. One solution could be a complete upgrade to the computer system. Another possible solution is to hire more customer service representatives to handle the excess of calls due to a poor system. Write down as many solutions to the problem as you can come up with.

Recommend the best possible solution. Explain why the method you chose is the best. Determine who will help implement it. Your recommendation should include the costs that will be incurred. Make sure the solution has a starting time and ending time. Outline the individuals or departments that will participate in the solution.