Treat billing for small engine repair as a priority for your business. Billing for small engine repair has two major components: (1) completing an accurate invoice, and (2) determining what rate to charge. You want to be correct so that your clients trust your expertise. Carefully choose your rates so that although clients will see you as fair, you can make an income.

Step 1.

Select how you will bill. Do you want to charge a flat rate for repairs (for example, a transmission flush is a set price), or do you prefer to charge an hourly rate?

Step 2.

Call around to auto repair shops and ask for their rates. You want to be competitive with the other repair facilities located near you.

Step 3.

Write down your rate, whether it be per hour or per job type. Have a set list of rates so that you consistently bill the same amount to each client.

Step 4.

Create a billing form. You can find many free templates on the Internet. Be sure your form matches your billing style, offering a place to record specific jobs or hourly rates.