Changes are often implemented in an organization if something is not functioning correctly, or if production or quality is not at the expected level. After a change has been implemented, the organization needs to analyze and assess the change to determine if it has produced negative or positive results.

Things You Will Need
  • Research prior to the implemented changes

  • Questionnaires

Step 1.

Find the old research conducted prior to the change implementation. The report containing the research should outline what the problems were and offer a list of the planned changes.

Step 2.

Use the research to construct two questionnaires. One should be completed by the employees of the organization and the other by the customers.

Step 3.

Ask questions, directed at both employees and customers, regarding the organization's new goals, the newly established roles or procedures, the newly defined relationships, and new methods implemented to address potential conflicts within the organization or its processes. Include any other questions that might be pertinent based on the research.

Step 4.

Ask questions pertaining to the employees alone. These should include the internal structure of the organization, compensation plans, management styles, employer performance, communication patterns or ideas, and goals. Include any other questions that might be pertinent based on the research.

Step 5.

Ask questions pertaining to the customers alone. Questions should include the quality of service provided by the organization, the client-organization relationship, and any other questions that might be pertinent based on the research.

Step 6.

Ask employees and customers to rate the new changes in comparison to what previously existed.

Step 7.

Collect all of the questionnaires, once they have been completed.

Step 8.

Compare the questionnaire results to the primary research done before the changes were implemented. Make graphs to show the differences in responses. While some areas may have improved after changes were implemented, others may have remained steady or become worse.

Step 9.

Write a report outlining what items or topics have improved since the changes and which did not. Suggest new solutions for the items that have not improved. Share your results with the rest of the organization.