How to Set Up an LLC in Missouri

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Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Missouri requires filing the appropriate forms with the Secretary of State for Missouri, which includes sending a signed copy of the LLC's Articles of Organization, the filing fee, and Missouri's LLC submission form.

Choose a name for your business. Remember that the name of the business must include "LLC," "Limited Liability Company," "LC" or "Limited Company." You can search Missouri's database to see if a name is available (see Resources).

Prepare the Articles of Organization. This is the legal document that will be submitted to Missouri's Secretary of State to establish your LLC. It will include the members of your LLC, whether it is a member-managed or manager-managed LLC and other details. You may want to consider having an attorney draw up the Articles of Organization or use an online legal document service. Some online legal document services also handle filing the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State for you.

Submit the Articles of Organization and filing fee, along with Missouri's Articles of Organization filing form, which can be downloaded from the Secretary of State's website (see Resources). The Articles of Organization must be signed by all members of the LLC, and the submission form must be filled out completely and signed by all of the LLC organizers or the paperwork will be returned. Missouri residents have the option of submitting the form online. If you choose this option, you will also need a credit card to pay the filing fee.

The Secretary of State's office will return a stamped copy of the LLC submission form when they accept your request to form an LLC. Keep this form with a copy of the Articles of Organization.


  • Check for the availability of and register your business name as soon as possible. Make sure that all members of the LLC have a signed copy of the Articles of Organization.


  • Make sure that the business name you want is available before you submit the Articles of Organization. You may incur additional costs if you have to resubmit the forms with a different business name.