How to Find an EIN for an LLC

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An EIN, or employer identification number, for an LLC, or limited liability company, is a tax identification number for a business similar to a social security number for an individual. An EIN is usually used in relation to all official financial transactions, including filing taxes, filling out vendor forms, applying for any federal, state or local business licenses, setting up a business bank account and so on. LLC EINs tend to be kept secure in the same way one would keep a social security number safe, but some corporate databases will allow you to access this information online if you become a member and pay their fees.


Log onto the Internet and go to

Click on the pale orange "Research Business" tab to the right of the search boxes in the middle of the page.

Enter the name and state of the LLC you wish to investigate. Click "Search."

Click on the "Buy Report" button if search results appear in the next window. The price will be indicated in the button area.

Open an account by filling out your personal information. Choose your pricing and membership level options: Standard, Professional or Superior. Pay by credit card.

View your report to see the LLC's EIN.

Repeat your search again if no search results appear. Check your spelling and the state in which you believe the LLC was incorporated.

FEIN Search

Log on to the Internet and go to

Fill out the registration form completely and click "Submit."

Look in your email inbox for a confirmation email. Click on the link to start searching for the LLC you are interested in.

View the EIN sample search results for your LLC. Purchase a membership if the results are available.

Search again if the results are not available. Check your spelling and the state in which the LLC is incorporated.


  • If you think you have lost your own EIN, check with your bank to access the information or phone the IRS. They will ask you for identifying information about your company first before giving out the data.

    An EIN is also referred to as an FEIN, federal employer identification number, or as a federal tax ID. Not every business is required to have an EIN.


  • The free trial version of will not allow you to see the full EIN. It will mask part of the number for security reasons. The URL for is Note the httpS. It is a reputable LexisNexis database site on a secure server due to the highly-sensitive nature of its data. Any other URL is a spoof site and could pose a security risk to your computer.



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