Becoming a consultant can be a rewarding career choice if you have a genuine passion for the subject you are consulting on. A a consultant advises people on how they should handle certain situations and help them get what they need to a particular task. According to the United States Census Bureau, the state of California had an estimated population of almost 37,000,000 people in 2009. This provides for a substantial amount of potential clients for anyone looking to become a consultant in this state. With many people at your disposal, there is enough business for any type of consulting you decide to do in California.

Step 1.

Decide what type of consulting you want to do. Choose an industry that you are somewhat knowledgeable and passionate about. This will help you to be more successful.

Step 2.

Brush up on the latest information and trends in your industry. Become an expert in the field you are consulting in. Read books, subscribe to industry magazines and attend seminars to learn as much information as you can in order to provide the best help to your clients.

Step 3.

Obtain any required certifications or industry licensing you may need for the type of consultant you are. For some areas of consulting, this may consist of completing classes and passing a certification or licensing exam.

Step 4.

Acquire a business license in the California city or county where your consulting business is located. Contact the governing offices in this area to get information on obtaining a business license. Submit the application and proper fee associated with your business to the governing office that issues the license.

Step 5.

Network and build contacts with others that are capable of sending you clients as well as with those who may be potential clients themselves. Get your name out as an expert consultant in your field in order to start generating a buzz about what you do.