Selling NASCAR merchandise has the potential to earn you quite a bit of money. The sport licenses a large number of items, including diecast cars, clothing, clocks, signs and posters. Fans follow their favorite drivers and spend money, buying items branded with their heroes’ name and logo on the front. If you want to sell NASCAR merchandise, you need to give your customers exactly what they want, both in merchandise and choices.

Step 1.

Get your licensing in order, before buying any merchandise. Most wholesale companies require a vendor ID, business license or tax identification number before giving you access to the merchandise. This includes the larger companies, as well as the smaller ones.

Step 2.

Contact merchandisers that specialize in sports products and NASCAR items, such as Racing Reflections and Motorsports Authentics. These companies sell licensed and authentic merchandise, from a wide range of teams and drivers. Also, check with novelty wholesale houses for smaller items.

Step 3.

Set up at racetracks, especially during NASCAR events. Tracks have special areas for souvenir trucks, which offer products from specific teams or drivers. The tracks also have areas available for independent sellers, often near the track itself.

Step 4.

Display your merchandise in a way that draws the attention of customers. Place the more expensive items in the back and some cheaper items in the front, which brings in customers. Hang up jackets and shirts, which makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Step 5.

Sell products at different outlets, including stores, flea markets and trade shows. The more places you sell your NASCAR merchandise, the more money you’ll make. NASCAR fans attend a wide range of events, including festivals and fairs. You never know where you might find potential customers.


Stay abreast of any changes in the sport, especially drivers leaving a team or changing numbers. The drivers' old merchandise can be hard to sell and may sit on your store shelves for years. Sellers often have to drop prices significantly on old merchandise and sometimes even lose money.

Offer products from a wide range of drivers; don't just focus on the most popular drivers. This broadens your customer base.

NASCAR merchandising companies have different restrictions on ordering. Some companies require a large order and others require that you have a storefront.

Never sell unlicensed NASCAR merchandise. Not only do you risk having your merchandise confiscated by authorities, but you also risk paying fines to NASCAR.