How to Activate a Conference Call

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There are many conference call services available that allow you to create low-cost or even free conference calls. When you sign up for the service, you will be provided with a telephone number that participants can call into and a unique participant PIN or conference ID number. Additionally, you may be given a “Moderator” PIN, which lets the conference call service know that you are running the conference call. Be sure to give the telephone number and the participant PIN to the participants when you schedule your conference call.

Call into the conference call number given by the conference call service.

Enter the moderator PIN if available, or enter the standard PIN when prompted. Users calling in will be placed on hold until the moderator has signed in.


Press the key specified by the conference call service to enter the call as the moderator if the moderator PIN was not available. Once the system recognizes that the moderator is present, the conference call will be activated.