Personal training is becoming a competitive business, both in the United States and abroad. Many people working for large gyms decide to branch off on their own a start a personal training business. To do this successfully, you are not only going to need the requisite training and education you also are going to need a great personal training ad to attract clients.

Step 1.

Hire a designer and a copywriter. If you have the money, the best way to create your own personal training ad is by hiring a designer to do your layout and a copywriter to come up with a succinct, appealing blurb. However, this is not always financially feasible.

Step 2.

Buy desktop publishing software. This will allow you to create as many incarnations of your personal training ad as you please. If you cannot afford to do this, office software suites, free with most computers, can be used to create basic personal training ads on A4- and A5-sized paper.

Step 3.

Consider carefully what you want your ad to say and how you want it to look. Putting up a tatty piece of handwritten paper is not going to encourage potential clients to part with their hard-earned cash. Try to make the advert look as professional as possible, even if you are working to a budget.

Step 4.

Use "you" in your copy, rather than "I." The decision to hire a personal trainer is all about the clients. It is their insecurities, their hopes and goals that you are going to be working with them to achieve, so the copy should be written from the client's perspective too.

Step 5.

Put a photo on your advertisement. It is better to avoid using stock photography, if possible. These shots are often not high quality and tend to give your personal training ad a generic feel. Use your own camera to take photos, either of yourself or current clients if possible.

Step 6.

Include testimonials. These might seem a little cliche, but people want to read about success stories. After all, they are not looking to hire a personal trainer to help them fail. Do not make these stories up. Ask a current client for a brief recommendation. Or, if you do not have any clients already, ask somebody down the gym that you have worked out with before.

Step 7.

Keep the copy in your advertisement brief. Nobody is going to read an essay. Highlight key phrases such as an "introductory offer" or "trial session free." Those who are dubious about the benefits of hiring a personal trainer are far more likely to give it a go if they get an introductory session for free.

Step 8.

Put the ad up in a prominent position at local gyms. Putting it up in a doctor's office or health food shop is also a good idea. If you have designed the ad on your computer, consider putting it online, perhaps even on your own website. Make sure the ad is optimized for search engines. It should definitely include the words "personal trainer," as well as the town or city you operate in.